Homedals could date back to 2005 when it was named Kingnew manufacturing Co., Ltd., built up by Mr Hoen Chan in Zhongshan, Cantone, China.

With long history and full experience in designing and manufacturing, we delivered most of our orders on time and on budget. We provide all the services and expertise you need to accomplish your project, whether it is a company level BIG ORDER or private club level SAMALL BUSINESS. During the past 15 years, the name KINGNEW has represented the highest level of customer service, product quality and commitment to excellence.

Today we have 148 staffs, including 40 professional engineers with high academic degree and 50 skilled workers with strict training. We possess various modern equipment, excellent craftsmanship, outstanding high-tech and pioneering spirit. Also Homedals’ online business has grown significantly.

Homedals have made a remarkable development in this area, and we will continuously improve ourselves in developing high quality innovative products and providing our customers with completely satisfactory service. We will strive to be your most reliable gift manufacturer and exporter.

We CAN manufacture medals in any shape and any size with any design and any feature you want. If you’re looking for an ideal product for your sport event, promotion, ceremony, club membership, party, or just for fun or collection, our customized medals will be your most amazing choice.

During the past 15 years, we have made numerous customized medals which have been shipped all around the world to serve for huge number of events ranging from small school sport events to world class races, especially warmly welcomed in Germany, USA and UK.


Marion form Canada

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